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All-Day Christmas Meditation

December 15, 2018 -- 10:00am to 6:00pm

In 1931, Paramahansa Yogananda inaugurated the custom of devoting an entire day during the Christmas season to inner communion with the Divine and attunement with Christ Consciousness—the omnipresent, universal consciousness manifested by Jesus and other divine teachers down the ages. As Paramahansaji explained: “The ideal is to honor Christ in spirit in meditation from morning till evening, absorbed in feeling in one’s own consciousness the Infinite Christ that was born in Jesus. That experience is one of profound peace and joy, more than a human heart has ever known—expanding into an all-embracing consciousness.”

This tradition continues today in the annual all-day Christmas meditations conducted at SRF temples, centers, and meditation groups throughout the world. Lasting about eight hours, these meditations are for many members one of the spiritual highlights of the entire year. In addition to periods of silent meditation, they also include periods of prayer, devotional chanting, and inspirational readings from the writings of Paramahansaji.

Devotees should plan to stay for the full meditation period. However, one may attend the first half and leave during the intermission if circumstances do not permit remaining for the entire meditation. As a general rule, no one will be admitted for the second half only.

Anyone with a cough or cold should not attend the meditation.

Please bring to the meditation devotional offerings of fruit and a monetary donation. The fruit symbolizes the devotee's love and devotion for Christ, Krishna, and the line SRF Gurus. The donation is a symbol of loyalty and faithfulness to the cause of Self_Realization Fellowship.